Motion Sensor

What is Motion Sensor?

The Motion sensor is a new saving-energy switch. It is a good sensitivity detector, integrated circuit and SMT. It gathers automatism, continent safe, saving energy, and practical functions. There are three detectors inside that creates a wide range detection field, it uses the infrared energy from human and it controls the signal source, when someone enters the detection field it starts the load. It can identify the day and night automatically. It is easy to install and use widely, possessing the functions of power show and detecting show.Williamson Hughes

Recent surveys say that even a charger which is not connected to device consumes electricity – imagine if our family (Parents, kids) member forgets to switch off lights of washroom after use, so much of power will wasted. If we have a simple motion sensor which cuts the power of the device after specific use, it is a contribution to our society, less of carbon footage.


Power Source:

100 – 130 V/AC    60Hz

220 – 240 V/AC    50Hz

Standby Power: working 0.45 (static 0.1W)

Time Setting: 10sec-12min (adjustable)

Detection Range: 3-10m (radii.) (adjustable)

Light- Control: 10LUX~2000LUX (adjustable)

Detection angle: 3600 (ceiling installation)

Installation height: 2.5~3.5m

Working Temperature: 100 C ~+ 400 C

Detection motion speed: 0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

How it works?

You can manually adjust the time settings, sensitivity and light control. Install sensor at 2.2 to 3.5 meter position on the wall and connect the wire accordingly. After switching on the power, after about 1 minute the unit enters the stable working state. Need to turn TIME knob to the position close to minimum, and for sun turn LUX for testing. It works normally, when the TIME knob is turned to the minimum and it turns senses again to IMPULSE position, and the controlled lamp will be turned ON and OFF regularly. If the above the above tests go through, then select the time, light-control and sensitivity to your need. So its installation is ok.Williamson Hughes Pharmacy

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